Distance, Purpose and Time for Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown insurance policies are one of the least expensive insurance policies you can purchase and are sometimes among the most useful. They come in all sorts and descriptions, making it easy for you to find a policy that fits your lifestyle and your driving needs. They range from “at home” policies that will help with those little things to extended European tour policies that either allow several trips abroad during the year or take care of extended policies lasting up to 90 days.

At Home Breakdown Insurance

Not every mechanical problem occurs when you are hundreds of miles from nowhere. Some of the most frustrating can happen right in your own driveway or garage. A battery that is completely discharged probably heads the list. With today’s vehicles so loaded with electronic gizmos, it is way too easy to run a battery down. Locking your keys inside your vehicle – especially with the motor running – is another right-in-your-own-driveway faux pas. And then there is the great rat or squirrel raid on your sensitive electronics, especially if you don’t have a garage with a door that closes firmly.

The Domestic Policy

This one covers vehicles that are driven to the market, doctor’s office, or just for pleasure. If you are a retiree or a student, this is probably perfect for you. You can call someone to change a tire, bring you a can of fuel, or to diagnose some mysterious ailment that has left you stranded by the side of the road. In most cases, your coverage company can get help to you before the ice cream even melts. If the vehicle needs to be towed, they will often provide transportation for up to seven people to a single destination.

The Commuter Policy

This is the policy you need if you drive to work every day. You might have noticed that the domestic policy didn’t cover driving to and from a business occupation. Daily commuting puts a great deal more strain on a vehicle than driving for pleasure or the occasional supply run. If you drive your vehicle daily, check your policy to be sure that your activities are fully covered, also compare roadside policies online.

The Business Policy

Domestic or commuter policies won’t cover you if you drive your vehicle for business purposes. Whether you deliver pizza, drive for Uber or sell cosmetics door-to-door, you want a little more coverage. In fact, using your vehicle for business can invalidate your coverage if it is discovered that you are really using your vehicle as part of a means to make money.

European Coverage

Before you decide to take the family car on a motor tour of the sights in Europe, check with your breakdown cover agent. He or she can tell you whether you will be covered in the places you plan to visit. If you are, good for you! If not, then your agent will be able to set you up with the needed policies for your destinations. Not all countries are covered with every policy, so be candid with your agent so you will receive the most appropriate assistance.

Vehicle Age

Be careful that your vehicle doesn’t age out of your current coverage. While there are roadside assistance policies that can cover older vehicles, your car or truck has a birthday, so to speak, just as do you. More than that, the number of miles you put on your vehicle also affects your breakdown insurance. Your odometer reading, therefore, becomes another factor. Consult with your breakdown or regular insurance agent to makes sure that you have the right policy for you, your driving needs and your vehicle.